Diego Garcia

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In The Swede/ My Name Is NErnst Grip spends more time than he’d like on the island of Diego Garcia. A remote coral atoll, the footprint-shaped island is located in the Indian Ocean. Diego Garcia is controlled by the UK but leased by the United States Navy for its major military base.

CIA did use United Kingdom territory for secret terror interrogations, says top US official

The Independent, Friday 30 January 2015

Terror suspects held by the CIA were interrogated on the British‑owned island of Diego Garcia despite the repeated denials of London and Washington that any such incidents took place, a senior American official said today.

Diegogarcia (Wikimedia Commons)

Diegogarcia (Wikimedia)

Lawrence Wilkerson, who was the chief aide to former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, said the remote UK-administered military base in the Indian Ocean was used as a back-up location for “nefarious activities”, such as the questioning of prisoners in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, for weeks at a time.

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Diego Garcia