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Robert Karjel

Robert Karjel served for 25 years as a lieutenant colonel in the Swedish Air Force. His profession as a helicopter pilot led him all over the world, from peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan to pirate hunting in Somalia. He is the only Swedish pilot to have trained with the United States Marine Corps and flown its attack helicopters. He is the author of The Swede, his first English-language novel, and one of Sweden’s most in-demand motivational speakers. His family resides outside of Stockholm.

The Swedish author Robert Karjel specializes in writing literary thrillers. He was born in Gothenburg, which is located in Sweden, but he currently resides in Stockholm. He is the first Swedish pilot to have trained with the United States Marines and has the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Swedish Air Force. He is also a helicopter pilot. Publishers Weekly lauded the author’s work with a starred rating in May of 2015 for his novel The Swede.

The suspense novel had been acquired by HarperCollins with the intention of publishing it in the United States in 2013. The publishing industry in the remaining eleven nations, including France, Brazil, Israel, and Germany, quickly followed suit. The intricate repercussions of the War on Terror are explored in the book, which has been compared to the television show Homeland. My Name Is N is the name given to the suspenseful book in the UK.

His piece addressing the controversy around a thriller with a bisexual protagonist was published online by the Guardian on July 31, 2015. A nomination for a Lambda Literary Award in 2016 was submitted for The Swede. The Swede was ranked as one of the best crime novels published in 2016 by Booklist.

20th Century Fox Television made the acquisition of the rights to adapt The Swede into a television drama in the year 2013. As of the year 2015, the series was still in the process of being created by Chernin Entertainment and Yellow Bird (business), which is a Swedish film production company best known for creating The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its subsequent installments.

Personal life

In 1987, Karjel went to the Amazon jungle, where he stayed with Swedish missionaries in a village that was dependent on the cocaine trade. He gathered material there for his second book, Shadow of the River, in which he wrote about his experiences. In 1993, he participated in the Swedish television adaptation of the American game show Fort Boyard.

During the show, he was required to arm-wrestle a muscleman, perform difficult mathematics under timed conditions, and dive into the water to recover a key. In the year 2000, he took his daughter, who was then 6 years old, on a trip across the Great Sand Sea in Egypt so that he could conduct research for his third book, Gospel of the Hanged. The two of them went scuba diving together in the Red Sea when she was younger. Karjel composes his earliest draughts by hand, using lined notebooks that are portable enough for him to bring along on military missions.


Karjel commanded a helicopter squadron in 2010 as part of the European Union’s Operation Atalanta, which was fought against Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden. He was stationed on the ship HSwMS Carlskrona (P04). During the course of the trip, he gave an interview for a BBC documentary film called The Trouble with Pirates. Between the years 2011 and 2013, he oversaw the Swedish Air Force’s procurement of Black Hawk helicopters for use in medical evacuation operations in Afghanistan as part of an $800 million contract.

He was a Copeland Fellow at Amherst College in 2005, during which time he authored a significant portion of The Swede. At the Ledig House, which is part of the Omi International Arts Center in upstate New York, he participated in a writer’s residency in 2013.

He frequently gives seminars on the subject of leadership under adverse conditions. He was awarded the title of Speaker of the Year in Sweden in February 2017. If you are really curious to know more about him, you can read here.

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